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Monday, June 26, 2006

Childhood Obesity Linked to Depression

While searching for relevant articles about self- esteem and obesity, I found another interesting one about childhood obesity and depression. This article highlights obesity as a complex problem particularly in children and a need for a wide variety of treatment options:
"A new study shows that kids who are substantially overweight throughout much of their childhood and adolescence have a higher incidence of depression than those who aren't. The research, published in the April issue of Pediatrics, studied nearly 1,000 children for a period of eight years to learn whether being obese had any links to psychological problems. "The most significant finding was that chronic obesity is linked to psychiatric disorders in children and adolescents," says Sarah Mustillo, study author and a researcher in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Duke University School of Medicine. Although media attention is often focused on the weight of young girls, surprisingly it was young boys who were at greatest risk for weight-related depression. However, the study also found that chronically obese boys and girls were at risk for "oppositional defiant disorder" a behavior problem typified by combative, hostile or uncooperative behavior toward authority figures. While the study makes a clear association between chronic obesity and psychological problems, what it doesn't do is draw a line of blame from one to the other. According to Mustillo, researchers don't know for sure what comes first the depression or the obesity".
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Weight Control tips from Liudmila:
Parents should engage their children in active sports, e.g. bike riding - this will help control weight and keep child in a good mood.
Count your calories!!! Energy intake must be less than your energy expenditure.


  • At 12:13 AM, Blogger hetera (UK) said…

    That terrible thing - depression...Sounds scaring.But it is true...Overweight leads to this emotional discomfort.I wrote a little bit about this too in my blog.People becomes sad,unhappy,they don't want anything...This is the biggest problem.They are too pesimistic to change their life!


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