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Friday, July 07, 2006


I wanted to post about obesity and podcasts, after Wednsday's terrific presentation, but I have almost reached the burnout, so I decided to post about window guards, because information about this topic presented itself while I was multitasking at work.

Properly Installed Approved Window Guards are Required by Law in any Residence with a Child 10 Years Old and Younger. Owners and managing agents of multiple-dwelling buildings are legally required to install window guards in apartments where children 10 years of age or younger reside. Additionally, tenants are required to inform their landlord when they have children ages 10 and younger living in their apartment.

If children 10 years or younger live in your apartment, OR if you provide child care services in your apartment, you must:

Inform the landlord of that fact.
Let the landlord come in to install window guards.
Not take down window guards once they are installed.
Not make alterations to window guards.
Not remove any part of a window guard.

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